book group day

tonight will be my second meeting of a new book group recently formed by a friend!

in honor of this event (or, perhaps, in spite of it), check out this very neat wreath idea.

i really love it.  maybe i will make one day…

if you want to try your hand at book-wreath-making, here’s the how-to.

book wreath process

also, want to see some gorgeous libraries?
here’s a LINK to 20 of the world’s most beautiful.  i found this link a while a go and saved it.  it seemed fitting enough to share it in this book-themed blog entry, so there you go.  🙂


tonight’s group is to discuss the wives of henry oades. i loved it so much and had really strong opinions about the characters. interestingly, when i talked about it with my mom (who read it previously) she felt quite differently than i did. i can’t wait to hear what everyone else thought!

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