back in civilization

our little family of four took a quick camping trip to sequoia national forest from thursday to saturday and we are back safe and sound!

i think my mom thought were weren’t capable of making if out alive since she told me to “be careful!” ten times, but we are all still intact! everyone had fun, most of all mckinley, and least of all meeka. (although meeka too had fun, she definitely prefers city life and sofas)

i took a ton of pictures (surprised?) but i’m so behind in studying for the ncidq exam that i just can’t justify not spending all of today trying to catch up!! so here are just a few pictures of the great outdoors, but more to come during the week after i feel i’m on track enough to continue my favorite form of preparing for any test, procrastination.

out of the city:

through the dessert:


in to the forest:


bye bye smog. hello fresh air.

to the market we go

a local farmers market springs up every tuesday near our apartment and this week we decided to bring the camera. our camera has video, but we had never once tried it out (which is very apparent in our video premier). just keep that in mind as you watch this hacked together, very shaky, very in and out of focus video (there’s not autofocus in video mode)! also, i’d never edited a video in my entire life. i downloaded some free microsoft program and gave it a go, but again, it’s really obvious i don’t know what i’m doing.

but at least you get to see our local farmers market, and around our neighborhood….!
you’ll see the restaurants and shops, the 2 movie theaters we can walk to (bet you can pick out which one is the “cheap theatre’, and the live theater) and the histroic the kirk douglass theatre (a stage theatre, not movie theatre) and also the culver hotel (where the munchkins slept three to a bed while they filmed the wizard of oz next door at the culver studios lot) and you’ll also see sony studios (or at least the fortress around it)…

actually… you probably just shouldn’t watch this unless you are one of our mothers. i mean you are welcome to watch, but it is almost 10 minutes long (!!oops!!) and, frankly, pretty boring. so if you do chose to watch, don’t blame me for the time you’ll never recover.


culver city farmers market from marissa moss on Vimeo.

ps: if you are on a slow, or slowish, internet connection, you might want to press play and then pause while the video loads so it plays smoothly.

sour cream pound cake

i’m so glad it’s oprah season again!

she aired a show last week highlighting celebrity chefs and their favorite recipes. paula deen was one of them and made a sour cream pound cake. i watched her make it and them made it myself within one hour.

this was on friday and I’ve eaten at least two pieces every day since then.

It was/is sooo good.

maybe because it has 2 sticks of butter, and 3 cups of sugar and 6 eggs…?
…or maybe because it was made with love…?

nope. probably the butter.

no. definitely the butter.

thanks paula.

“i’m your cook not your doctor!” – p. deen