the fires

the fires here in california are still burning and more and more families are being evacuated from their homes. it sounds horrible. horrible. horrible.

here is a photo of the view of the fires from our neighborhood.
michael took this with his phone on sunday.


it makes me wonder what we would take with us.

i used to think about that a lot when i was young. if a fire started suddenly and i only had seconds to grab what i could, what would it be? i thought that i should think about it beforehand since in the moment i would probably forget something important. it strange that i gave this more thought back then than i do now. back when i had just a little pink room’s worth of personal belongings. now we have a two bedroom, two bath apartment filled with stuff.

my game plan as a child was that i would take my blanket (the one i’ve had since i was born that my aunt made for me and that i sleep with every night. yes, even now. michael keeps saying its time to say goodbye, but i’ve had it for 24 years, it’s not going anywhere.) and i would fill it with all of the things i’d need to take with me. then i would sling it over my shoulder and carry it out santa-style.

this was back when my blanket was intact. now it looks more like a ball of yarn. there’s no way it could hold anything.

so what would we bring today?
the dogs.

and if possible, my external hard drive, which holds years and years of photos.

but really, as long as we got the dogs and each other, everything else can be cried over, but eventually replaced.

but i’m sure it’s a lot of crying. a lot. and i feel so sad for those caught up in the mess of fires right now.

family portrait

we have been a family of four since january when we adopted mckinley and have not had one single picture of the four of us together! very sad.

so, on a whim, on our most recent afternoon at the park i thought perhaps i could put our camera up on the concrete ledge near our usual spot and we could get a nice picture of the four of us using the ‘press the timer, run over, get the dogs together, try to get them to look at the camera that is just sitting on a ledge without any person behind it to whistle to get their attention, and smile method’ – not easy.

and to make things even more difficult, my camera kept focusing on everything except us! over and over and over again.
check out these winners:
(even if this were in focus, this isn’t what we were going for)

(missing the girls)

(we managed to get mckinley, but where’s meeka??)

(oh, here is meeka… but where’s mckinley??)

when i finally got the camera focusing where we needed it we managed to get a total of one photo with all of us in it. not great, but at least one of all of us together exists! and we’ll just have to make sure we get a better one sometime soon.
just ingnore the fact that meeka is not looking at the camera at all, kinley looks like she is wearing a little party hat (which i actually really, really like), and it was smack in the middle of the day to she shadows are suppppper harsh. sigh.



beautiful baby brooklyn

i met with sweet brooklyn for a quiet hour of photographing in the park amidst a lot going on in her family! not only are her grandparents in town to see their new (and first) granddaughter for the first time (and allll the way from london, no less) but the family of three happens to be moving to their new house on monday! i’m sure it’s a lot all at once, but i’m so glad we were able to steal an hour away to capture five month old brooklyn as she is today. she is such a pretty baby! big, big blue eyes, long blonde lashes, porcelin, rosy skin and happy as can be!

brooklyn in her liverpool fc outfit


love her lashes in this one


indian rocks beach

more photos trickling in from our trip home last month….
these are from a day spent with family and friends at the beach. well, family and friend, singular.

it thretened to storm in the morning, sprinkled for 10 minutes and then cleared right up to bright and sunny and hot. perfect florida beach weather.

maddie hanging out in the morning:

she likes to snack on noses


then michael and my brothers played football on the beach




maddie testing out the water with her aunt stacy

but she preferred hanging out with mom in the shade:


and here’s my friend kristen. the one that just spent a few days with us here in la!