michael is weird

this morning i was in the bathroom putting on makeup and michael was alone in the kitchen cleaning up from breakfast, and i hear him talking to himself. so i quietly listen the hear what he’s saying and he is saying, “ricky gervais… ricky gervais… ricky gervais” with just slightly different pronunciation each time.

then about an hour later he is ironing and again i hear him saying something. i listen and he is saying, “martin bashir… martin bashir…”


how did these two most random of people even come into his head?!

i asked him what the heck he’s talking about and both times he had no explanation.

michael is just weird.

back with more

i’m back with more pictures from this sweet family photography session at manhattan beach. i met this family through my friend carrie and i’m so glad i did. take a look at their pretty little 6 month-old girl.


in case you’ve missed me saying so, los angeles is freezing!! we took these at the beach and even though it had been nice all day where i was, when i stepped out of my car at the beach i immediately knew my shorts and tshirt were the wrong choice. but, this little girl was so good! she did not complain about it once. 🙂




pictures like the one below require me to squat, which results in my being sore for 2 days (and counting). it’s sad really. but it’s worth it, right?
or maybe i should just start going to the gym again and this wouldn’t be an issue…


sandy baby toes.

downtown livin’

these trees first sprouted with such hope.


one wanted to be planted in central park. it wanted to feel important and see important people walk under its shade. maybe even obama. that tree is a democrat.

one hoped to be planted in a backyard as a monument to the year a family had their first baby. a boy. they’d name him robbie and he and the tree would grow up in tandem. a tire swing would be hung and they’d enjoy long summers together.

one pined (pun intended) of a life in alaska. it would provide shelter to very small, very cute animals. the tree wasn’t sure what kind of small, cute animals lived in alaska, but it knew it would make a fine home for them someday.

and one tree dreamed of being the first tree to perform open heart surgery on a child under one year of age. it wanted to work in a world class hospital and save lives. baby lives – so it would get a lot of bang for its baby-savin’ buck. hey, a tree can dream…

but no matter what they thought they’d grow to become, or where they thought they would take root, these trees ended up and in downtown los angeles. and then were mutilated.
they were mutilated a lot.



downtown livin’ ain’t easy.
or so they tell me.

i told you i took a lot of pictures, part 2


…picking up right were we left off…
after the hike we went back to our campground to get the car to drive up the road a bit to a spot called ‘dome rock’ to hang out amongst this vista:







and after all this, the dogs were very, very tired:

we had another dinner of hotdogs and s’mores.
instead of using hershey bars for the chocolate, i found these thin dark chocolates from trader joes. i loved them. and since they were thin they melted right away under the warmth of the marshmallows. sooo good.


after a couple days in the woods we were filthy, filthy dirty!

and here are some pictures from around camp:




when it was time to go, our drive out was even more pretty than our drive in.

can you see our road here, winding along the mountain?


we traveled back through the desert

and returned to city livin’…