termites! eeeeek!

we have termites!!! (again)
they appeared pretty much literally overnight,

my friend Kristen is in town (more to come about her visit later) and she showered in the guest shower and asked us, “do you know that you have a few flies in your shower?”

we didn’t know that, but she said that yes they were there and there were three of them.

i brushed it off thinking it was the fruit flies that like to take up residence in our sink garbage disposal. (you would think they would drown down there, or get chopped up… but they don’t they just fly up when you turn on the sink. i know this is gross… but it’s true and they are so teeeeeny tiny that i don’t even think much of them. they are just part of summer time.)

but no, these were not the little innocuous fruit flies, these were termites with wings. excellent. we had had termites before, in our guestroom, but that was 2 summers ago and hadn’t seen a sign of one since. but they are back. and those three found by kristen turned into over 20+ overnight!!! what really confuses me is why they are all in the shower???? i guess for the water (they’re in a shower whose faucet continually drips). but as far as i can tell they havent moved beyond the tub into other rooms/furniture. whew.

and their shower party should be ending tomorrow when the termite man comes at 9:30am!!

pretty much the quickest we have ever had anything done for our apartment. apparently “termites” is the magic word….

and also (totally and completely unrelated to termites) i have been thinking about this tub of 220 biscoff cookies all day long. i mean really, they were my only incentive for becoming a delta flight attendant. until i realized that a career change is unnecessary, because there they are, sitting on amazon.com, waiting for me to grow into a life where i have $33 to spend on something like a giant jar of cookies. and really, isn’t everything?

i judged the book by its cover

We have now been married for 10 months and we are just now getting our wedding album.

No, we do not have an incredibly slow photographer, but rather she has incredibly slow clients!

I don’t know why every layout change and photo decision took us weeks, but it did.
So, 10 months later and we just received our album last week!!!
Buuuuuuut then I opened the box and let out a sigh.

It was green!!!
It is supposed to be gray!

This gray here is the color we chose:

But this is the color of the album:

Green right??
Granted I’m quite color sensitive, but this is just the greenest gray ever.

I felt completely awful asking agnes if we could change it, but I just could not get past the green.

Side note: I have nothing against green at all – but it just has nothing to do with our wedding which was all gray and yellow and white – so this army green plain does not fit.

Agnes was super, super, super nice about it and said to send it on back.

She is going to have it recovered for us in this gray Japanese silk which I think looks beautiful.

gray silk

Michael is worried about it being fabric instead of leather, and that it could get dirty down the road, but we’ll just have to be careful with it…

No baby back ribs while thumbing through the wedding album, okay?

other than that, the rest of the album looks great!





i work so close to moca that it was surprising that in two years i’d never been.
this visit was entirely my idea but michael went along with it nicely.

michael does not like modern art. not at all. at least not this kind of modern art. the kind a 7 year old could churn out. i understand his point. much of it is quite ridiculous, but i always like seeing it anyway. maybe i just like the act of wandering museums and you could throw anything on the walls and i’d look at it, and read the sign, and look at it again, and then walk on to the next.

but this practice alone is frustration to michael. his rule is that my feet need to always be moving, i can look all i want, but i have to keep walking… which really means i can’t look all i want…

i go into it knowing if i want michael to come it means we will not be staying more than an hour. if i want to spend more than an hour at a museum, then i’ll be going with different company. so that’s fine.

i think its hereditary. no one in his family would like to spend more than an hour in a museum. they can get through a museum faster than you can eat a cup of gumbo. although, to be fair, i think his parents could enjoy spending more time wandering, but they are out numbered, so that is that.

in my family the tables are more balanced. my mother and i would gladly spend a 1/2 day in a museum, my brothers would be happy to adhere to the hyman-museum-plan-of-action, but my dad could probably spend a week in a really good museum, going back each morning and leaving each night when the lights are dimmed.

anyways, we finally got over to see moca and since i had micahel in tow, and therefore my feet weren’t allowed to stop moving, we were in and out and sitting in a delicious steak house within an hour. truly hyman inspired.


here is michael’s museum technique in action.

keep it moving… keep it moving…




…but if there’s one thing that can stop michael in his tracks, it’s a circle of televisions…

…but not for long…

and now i leave you with this:

and also, this:

a nadiva is born

the main event of our trip home earlier this month was for the naming ceremony of madison, baby of micahel’s sister, melissa, and her husband, joey.

i still don’t totally get what a naming is but you go in with one name and leave with two. so now madison merill gelwix is also known as nadiva. i think this could come in handy. should she be asked her name by a man at bar (or a boy in the sandbox) that she doesn’t care to see again anytime soon she can truthfully proclaim, “my name is nadiva” and then give him someone else’s phone number.

it could also prove useful when putting together her stage act with the 7 other children melissa and joey are planing to produce. (i might or might not have added 5 to the number of children they actually want. i’m not sure…) she will be the oldest and the leader of the group of 8 jigging juggling gelwix girls (yes! all 7 will be girls. what are the odds??). even if upon meeting her you did not know she is the leader, when you hear she goes by ‘nadiva’ you will have no doubt. plus, her head piece will bear the most feathers, so even from afar you’ll know she demands your attention.

however, even nadivas have to start somewhere. this one began in a synagogue surrounded by her family and very close family friends. she was carried down the aisle by her uncle michael with aunt stacy on her right, and myself on her left. she hung out on the alter (are they still called alters in synagogue?) with her family and the rabbi as she was officially proclaimed to be good and sweet and loved. then we clapped and we sang (or they sang… it was in hebrew, but i’m pretty sure they kept saying something about “cinnamon toast” – which is also good and sweet and loved, so it made sense).

afterward we celebrated with a big, wonderful, fancy (but not too fancy) meal at mise en place. it was delicious i tell you. but silly maddie didn’t eat a bite! and it was her party! ugh!

she’s on some kind of all dairy, all liquid, all natural, master cleanse.
such a nadiva!


aunt stacy, uncle michael, and me with madison

the ceremony

maddie loving it

more ceremony

maddie with her dad and great-grandmother

singing and clapping

the family

all done! and great-grandma is so proud

michael and ben

ben and bob

scion and stacy

…on to the dinner…

the girl of honor in her partay dress

the menu


aunt stacy and madison

my mom holding madison

madison with her grandparents (michael’s parents)

aunt stacy and madison

cousin matt in town from atlanta

michael and my dad

lastly, michael and me


work event party tonight here:

the conga room @ la live

and my favorites are going (minus michael – he’s a favorite too)!