whitney comes to visit

best friend whitney paid a visit to LA this past weekend!


she has a conference going on right now (monday – wednesday) in las vegas so she came out early and spent friday through sunday with us before heading to the strip (and the 108 degree heat)!

we had a hodge podge weekend which included finding bridesmaids dresses (whitney gets married in march!), a girls movie night out, trolling around venice beach, and lots of good meals.

after eating out all weekend we cooked in for her parting meal with us last night.
we decided on homemade pizzas and salad.

here i am happily starting to make michael’s pizza.
(i show this because this is SO typical of cooking at our place! i start doing something, michael peers over my shoulder and within a minute he has taken over.)

so, here is michael taking over the construction of his pizza


meeka supervised michael

and mckinley supervised meeka

his finished product – peperoni and sauteed onion pizza:

whitney starting on the girls’ pizza (eggplant, sauteed onion, and goat cheese)

and all finished:

dinner was rounded out with a yummy simple salad:

after dinner we played a couple games of bananagrams.

score… marissa = 1 , whitney = 1 , michael = 0
wondering why michael didn’t take a round?
well he puts together stuff like this board:
when we asked him what “J-I” spells, he said, “jiu-jitsu!”
huh??? i dunno…

anyways, after the games we were ready for dessert so we cracked the whip and made our guest get to work in the kitchen. and we are glad we did because she came out with this:

roasted peaches with vanilla ice cream and an pecan/brownsugar/caramel topping!
yes, please!




some play time with the dogs and the day was done 🙂



hope you had a good trip whit!
see you in OCTOBER!

(another) day at the park

is everyone completely sick of seeing us same people and our same dogs at this same park in the same spot?
too bad.

it has become our standard back up plan.
when we are sitting around at home and start to feel guilty about being unproductive, we pack up and go to the park and instead sit around on a blanket in the grasss and all the sudden feel like we are doing something with our day.
…despite the fact that we are doing the same thing (sitting around, being unproductive) just in a different location.


here we are in our usual spot. what isn’t normal are all those people in the background. on this day we happened to stumble upon an outfest event, meaning we got to listen to live music while busily doing nothing. (p.s. michael is going to hate this pictute. muahaha)

and while we are on the subject of photos michael will hate, here’s another!
i know michael definitely sees himself in his mind’s eye as way cooler than this portrays. but you know, the camera never lies.

in other news, kinley decided to try out a new hair do and would like to know what you think.

personally, i like classic kinley:
but you are welcome to your own thoughts/opinions. just make all your criticism constructive. thanks.

and here’s the proof i was in attendance:


and thats all for now…

… until the next gripping edition of
‘marissa and michael and meeka and mckinley in the park’…

stay tuned.
summer has just begun, i’m sure there are more to come.

fourth of july treat

sugar cookie sundaes?
yes, please.

you scoop these cookies out with an ice cream scoop so they are huge!


and then you coat them in two layers of sanding sugar so they are extra crunchy.




here they are all done:

and meeka wanted to help out by keeping a watchful eye and making sure nothing accidentally slipped off the cooling racks:

then we macerated strawberries:

lastly, we snuck (sneaked?) in some ice cream and whipped cream… and done!

a red, white and blue dinner is served!
(yes, this was our dinner)

and then we went up to the roof to watch fireworks
we could see no less than 5 different firework shows going on all around town!

happy fourth of july!

happy 4th of july to everyone and especially to michael as this would mark out 9th dating anniversary. maybe being married means we dont get to aknowledge this anymore? but i’m going to anyways, because 9 years is a long time! how long you ask? long enough that we used to look like this! eeek!

and by this time we’d already been together for a year or so.
i’m thinking carson and zane (my brothers, standing on either side of me) aren’t going to be too thrilled about this picture, but really no one looks worse than i do, so whatever.
apparently back in 2001 i was 15 lbs heavier, michael was 15 lbs lighter and carson and zane were 15 years younger. …or at least we all looked it.

happy 4th!


introducing… THE WEBSITE

i have been quietly working on this and wanted to keep it under wraps until it was completely finished, but is anything ever really completely finished??
and also, my husband’s mouth is even BIGGER than it looks (hard to believe, i know)… so people are finding out left and right anyways. so i figured i might as well come out with it.


so there it is. let me know what you think.
it’s still coming together, but it’s almost there…

and as i find more willing victims i’ll update the pictures as we go. but for now, you’ll probably recognize 90% of the images from appearing on this blog.
sorry about that. hope it doesn’t bore you too badly.

also, there’s a pricing section, which may weird you out. i feel strange about i too. i do.
but i’ve been practicing a lot, and reading a ton, and i’d like to move in that direction.
so, i’m starting low and jumping in.

meanwhile, i’ve set a number in my head of how many session i’d like to have completed before beginning to actually charge and i’m not there yet. meaning, while the pricing is listed, it’s not in effect until i can find 3 more people/couples/families to let me photograph them for FREE.
and, oh boy, you would be suprised how not easy this is. it’s a weird thing.

what makes me feel a little better is that apparently it’s not uncommon. i’ve heard it said from multiple people who made the leap to professional and they too had a darn hard time giving away sessions before they began charging (and even afterward too!). people are just understandably suspicious of getting something for nothing. so, i just need to scrape together 3 more free sessions and then pricing will officially go into effect!

soooooooooooo, anyone out there want one of the free sessions?
hello? anyone? anyone? bueller?