maddie turns 100!

today madison turned 100 days old!
this is michael’s sister and her husband’s baby (melissa and joey)!
she is the very first of this next generation.
she’s their first baby.
our first niece.
michael’s parents’ the first granddaughter.
and michael’s gradmother’s first great-granddaughter!!

there are more pictures of baby madison on her 100th day of life over on her family blog!


p.s. – photos not by me due to geographical difficulties 🙁

got some money…?

…is it burning a hole in your pocket??

i know i don’t/mine isn’t… but maybe you do/yours is!!

well these are two friendly people are looking for some funding for their love projects.


the first is my uncle luis. that’s him above walking down the aisle about to marry michael and me (photo by agnes lopez). he is working with a community theater to put together a show of three one act plays. one of them being a piece written by a local (to seattle) high school senior! they are doing it without a lot of time (the show will be preformed the week of august 17!) and with very, very little money (ok, like no money). they would love, love, love some help! and you’ll get your name in the program like a real live sponsor, since that’s what you’ll be! if you have any money you’d like to give to a community arts project, email luis at


the second fundraising project i’m pitching is for my friend emily (above. no idea what this is from… i snatched it off of facebook). or rather, she’s my best friend in LA’s best friend in LA (… wait … where does that leave me? humm). which means she’s forced to interact with me on various occasions/events/milestones. her name is emily and she’s going to spend 24 months circumnavigating the world in a sailboat. yeah. crazy, i know. so, do you want to live vicariously through emily and pretend your life is ½ as daring/thrilling/windy/wet? well then you could donate toward her project! this is her website: bobbie rounds the world (bobbie being the name of the boat). it’s newly launched and there’s a nice little video you can watch where she’ll tell you all about the fun stuff you’ll get if you’ll give $1, $5, $15, $30…. stuff like origami sailboats, sailor hats, a polaroid picture from somewhere far and exotic, and your name on her boat! it will be like you’re there!! but you’ll be home and warm and dry and hangin’ with your tivo. at least that is where i’ll be. so check out her website, even if you have no money to give it’s still fun, and if you do have some money, go here to kickstarter to donate!

okay. sales pitch over!

i’m just using you all to mitigate my guilt that I can’t support these two myself!!

happy 24th kayla!

so a few weeks ago i got this email from my friend kayla regarding her (then) upcoming birthday:
“i don’t really want presents, but i was wondering if you
could send me a really beautiful picture i can blow up on canvas
as my present. i need something that feels alive.”

as soon as i read “alive” i thought of these photos i had just fallen in love with a few weeks prior. i had been thinking about them for days and as soon as i read kayla’s email i knew i wanted to play with that idea.

my next thought was of blair. blair is kayla’s best friend, and really, that is a huge understatement. if anyone should be hanging in kay’s apartment, it shoud be blair. plus blair is really beautiful, and beautiful was one of kayla’s specific requests.

so kayla, here they are. i hope you find them beautiful and alive, and that they will make you happy. happy birthday (a day late) and i will see you so soon when we meet at blair’s house on the water with netta there too and you teach me how to tye dye and we swim in the big, big pool and pretend we all still live in the same state all the time.