have i ever told you i love the libraries? i have?
oh, well, have i ever told you i LOVE the los angeles central library?
yeah… i’ve probably done that too.
but i know i’ve never shown you why!

this is the my library, which happens to be only two blocks from my office, and which i happen to spend 4+ hours a week. i love this library. love it. it’s huge, it’s old, it’s beautiful, it’s bustling (even though most of those doing the bustling are homeless), and it has a great gift shop where i spend too much money. love it.

the front of the library:
DowntownLA 098e

DowntownLA 013e

the inside of the original part of the library:
DowntownLA 072e

DowntownLA 034e
isn’t it beautiful?

and there are banks of old card catalogs:
DowntownLA 047e

and an auditorium (that i have never been in)
DowntownLA 089e

and there are galleries (maybe 3 or 4) tucked in different crannies around the library
(i had this one completely to myself on this day):
DowntownLA 062e DowntownLA 064bw

here is the adult literacy center where i tutor twice a week:
DowntownLA 028e2

and here is the new (well, not new, just newer) wing of the library, which has the bulk of the books. this is a the atrium in the center, and all of those windows you see on either side are looking into each of the individual departments
(ie: the arts, the sciences, business, rare books, etc, etc, etc. – books-galore):

DowntownLA 086e

so that’s it. that’s your tour of the library. i just know that everyone loves libraries, right?
i’m sure everyone is sooo excited and wishes i had tons more pictures.

…maybe next time.

DowntownLA 020e

santa barbara

yesterday michael and i took a day trip up to santa barbara!

it was foggy and cold when we left in the morning, but we took the scenic route up the pch, which is beautiful, clear day or not.
we had breakfast at crush cafe, which was adorable and delicious. michael and i shared homemade granola w/ yogurt & fruit and a cinamon-vanilla-waffle w/ heart shaped chocolate chips. we spent the day wandering state street (shops-galore), walking the “red tile tour” past many of the city’s historic buildings, and strolling stearns wharf. we grabbed burgers at habit before heading home.

here are some pictures from the drive and breakfast, followed by a bunch from the day.

weekend at the park

recently, we’ve been enjoying taking the dogs to the la brea park in hollywood. the park is built around the tar pits (which are fenced off so the dogs wont have the same fate as the dead elephants) and boasts lots and lots of grass for the dogs to run on/roll in.

here are some pictures from sunday.

on our way (click on this image to make it big and you can see a “bonus meeka” in my lens)

michael and kinley have some quiet time.