ricotta gnocchi & why i don’t cook for my husband

whenever it comes up in conversation that i do virtually no “wifey” cooking for my husband people tend to be surprised or jealous.   and yes, i am using “wifey” in the most sexist terms.  i mean it to say, i don’t decide what we will be having for dinner, go to the store, make a meal, and have it hot and ready when dinnertime rolls around.

when i say this, i feel like it’s always seems as if i’m getting out of an unpleasant chore.  but here’s the thing: michael would hate it if he were to come home to meals prepared without his consent.  he always, always wants a say in what he’ll be eating for dinner.  if he doesn’t feel like eating chicken and vegetables, there’s no way he’s going to eat it.  this may sound really bratty – and really, it probably is – but the result is that michael does most of our cooking because i am far, far less particular and will usually eat whatever is set in front of me.  (so i win!)

but, from time to time, if there is something i really want, i’ll go ahead and prepare dinner and hope it will pass.

so, last week i saw a recipe for homemade ricotta gnocchi and it just sounded SO good.  i thought about it for days before finally deciding that is what we’d be having for dinner without the usual democratic-dinner-decision-process of our household.

here’s how it went:

really simple ingredients… 1 egg yolk, some flour, fancy salt, lots of ricotta, and parmesan cheese.
marissa moss photography 01

mix it all together, roll it out, slice it up. done.
boil for just a minute or two.

marissa moss photography 02

marissa moss photography 03

marissa moss photography 04

marissa moss photography 05

i served my made-from-scratch-gnocchi with made-from-scratch sauce i’d made earlier in the week and added some cream because we LOVE cream sauce.

marissa moss photography 06

and, dinner is served!
marissa moss photography 07

so what was the verdict…?
well, the recipe emphasized that the lighter and fluffier the better and to not over mix, but apparently (according to michael) it was TOO light and fluffy and the texture was like soggy bread. (note: i thought it was delicious and almost ate the whole batch)

good thing i also made some yummy toasted pumpkin seeds that day from the pumpkin i’d carved earlier in the week, right??
marissa moss photography 09

marissa moss photography 08
wrong.  since michael doesn’t like pumpkin he wouldn’t even try them!!!

(more for me!)

so, THIS, my friends, is why i don’t cook for my husband!  😉

Gabrielle - November 2, 2010 - 1:46 pm

Hilarious. My husband does most of the cooking too. When friends/family ask me why, I have an awesome excuse: “well, he managed restaurants for 15 years..?!” LOL ..it works every time !

erica - November 1, 2010 - 11:42 pm

Hahaha…love it. Our roles are reversed, I am “Decider” and “Cook”…darn it :-\

Melissa - November 1, 2010 - 2:09 pm

Thats my excuse too.

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