here i am!

i know i’ve dropped off the face of the earth! but really i didn’t… i just went to tampa and got swallowed in a cloud of humidity and rain and family and friends and lots of food. we just crawled our way out last night and are back in LA, reunited with meeka and mckinley who both almost had literal heart attacks when we showed up last night. to say they almost lost their minds from excitement would be an understatement.

anyways, I have a camera full of pictures from the trip (approx. 1200 of them) so I those will be trickling out as I find time to edit over the next week or two.
highlights include: a tie-dye party with my very good girlfriends, a day at the beach, baby madison in her bikini, a baseball game with michael’s best friend and his girlfriend (brad’s girlfriend; not michael’s…), baby madison’s naming and the dinner afterward, baby madison and her parents at the park, baby madison hanging out at her grandparents’ house.….. etc….

unfortunately the whole “find the time to edit” thing is easier said than done. i have a wreck of an apartment, a suitcase to unpack, laundry to do, i’m super super behind on studying for a test (the NCIDQ) i’m already committed to take (by way of a $750 payment…. UGHHH) in about 7 weeks, and i have two photo shoots this weekend (a brand new baby boy just born last week) and a group of 7 kids all under the age of 6 (both of which, i am very excited about!!).

tyler & company

meet carrie and brian and their little boy, tyler.

oh, and also meet their, cat… whose name just happens to be meeka!!
yes, just exactly like our meeka!
although their similarities end at sharing the same name.
for one, their meeka is a cat, where as our meeka is a dog.


here is the sweet family of three playing at the beach that is just a minute walk from their front door! i’m telling you their manhattan beach neighborhood is so, so, so ideal. it’s beautiful and active and family friendly. just perfect.



090722_wetsch_0294e 090722_wetsch_0300e


after beach time tyler got to swing for a bit which he was THRILLED about!
pure, pure happiness.




and when it was time to part with the swingset tyler was so disappointed! 🙁
but no crying, no wailing. just this look of yearning for the swing he was forced to part with.
i’m pretty sure he could have stayed there swinging all day and night.

and lastly, here they are in front of their home. i love this one.
tyler’s expression cracks me up.

the end. bye bye.

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Carrie - March 23, 2010 - 1:07 am

Just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful pictures of our family. We will cherish them always. I come back to your blog to look at them every once in a while. I love your commentary on the experience to. So sweet and funny!
Love and miss ya!

fair day!

we had a wonderful fair day at the orange county fair this week!


michael and his family aren’t exactly fair goers, to say the least, but he agreed to go with me and he even had fun! being only the second time he’d ever been to a fair in his life he was confused/surprised by things left and right, which was really quite funny.

he was surprised you have to buy tickets to go on rides, even after you pay to get in (luckily we got to by pass the whole ‘pay to get in’ part by just bringing two children’s books to donate), he declined to go in the petting zoo (sadness), was surprised by all of the livestock on hand, was horrified with the arts and crafts showcase (a whole lotta quilting going on in there), and was delighted to see “infomercials in action” in the product showcase hall! he also asked a LOT questions about ‘carnies’ all day. (as if i am the carny expert!) he kept asking, “so are the ride operators carnies? are the food stand people carnies? are the 12 year olds dancing up there carnies?”

… also, i’m pretty sure the word ‘carny’ might be derogatory? not sure.
my apologies if you are a carny and offended. i mean no harm.



mmmmmmmmmm fair food


what is this you ask?
well it’s a sand sculpture of weird al yankovic holding his brain, of course.




yes, this is an obama quilt. and this is how michael feels about quilts in general.
090722_wetsch_0072e 090722_wetsch_0073e

yeah, i liked this snake because it is our wedding colors. so?




after the fair we went to my friend carrie’s adorable neighborhood in manhattan beach to their adorable house just a skip and a jump from the water to photograph her adorable family (husband brian and adorable 2 year old tyler)! pictures to come!

our names are marissa and michael and we have a confession

…we do not eat appropriately.
we understand that once we have children we will actually have to prepare nutritious meals consistently, but until that time, we just don’t.

granted, sometimes we do!
but sometimes we don’t…

in a nutshell, we eat what we want when we want it. we eat cereal for dinner a LOT. we eat breakfast in general for dinner a LOT. eggs can be had at any meal.

as an example, here’s a recent dinner:
that’s a banana pancake and with powdered sugar. yum. oh, and this was had at 11:30pm.

meanwhile breakfast might be pasta.. or french fries… or both.

i blame all of this of michael’s work schedule.
he often doesn’t get home until 10:30 or 11pm. and by that time, who wants to make an actual meal? not me. and not him.

admitting your problem is the first step.

and speaking of eating a whole lot of crap… we are going to the fair today!! : )