playing catch up…

i am just now starting to edit the photos from madison’s naming.
yes, just now… starting at 10:30pm… on a wednesday. ugh.

my new year’s resolution was to be in bed by 11pm on weeknights. i’m failing.
i’d say our average is usually sometime between midnight and 1am… but i digress….

so, finishing these tonight it not in the cards. not even finishing half.
but, maybe i can finish by this weekend…?
until then, i do have a picture to share.

here is baby madison with her parents, joey and melissa.

and also, here are the cute place settings made by michael’s mom, lynne.

and lastly, this is what happens when you hand the waiter a big dslr camera and ask him to take a picture of 20+ people (probably impossible to get everyone’s faces in this type of picture anyways…)
i find this really funny!
maybe it’s sad too; i know michael’s mom wanted this picture.
but it still makes me laugh.

back with more (relatively) soon!

a gift for grandma

angela contacted me to help her and her two siblings come together with thier spouses and all of their children (seven in all) to take a big family portrait for her mother’s upcoming birthday.
such a sweet idea! what grandma wouldn’t love a photograph of all of her grandchildren together, especially when they are this cute!!

here’s a sneak peek of today’s session in the park 🙂

here are all the “big” kids:

two too-cute two-year-olds:
090809_MMoss_0040e 090809_MMoss_0116e

and the miracle of the day (all seven kids looking at me, happy, smiling, sitting still, and looking very cute for grandma – yippy!):

sweet baby isaac

carlyna and will welcomed their little baby isaac to the world on july 27 (7 days over due!) and i was so trilled to meet him today. isaac must have shared my excitement because he didn’t want to miss a minute of it. don’t let these sleepy pictures fool you, he is one super alert baby!
even when napping he likes to keep one eye open. : )

here’s a little peek from my visit this morning:




tie-dye & pool-ooza

on our first day of our visit home to tampa i left tampa to head to riverview.
why? because kayla said so.
kayla’s birthday had been the week before and she said all she wanted was for her girls to gather at blair’s house (which happens to have a giant 15′ deep pool with a spring divingboard) and she wanted to tie-dye.
and so it was to be.

i came from tampa (or from LA, depending on how you think about it)
blair stayed put (but note: this was also a visit home for blair, as she also lives in LA)
netta came from st. pete
priya came from naples
brittany came from jupiter
and kayla, the birthday girl, came from orlando

it was quite a comming together from near and far.

we spent the day playing in (or by) the pool and spent the night tie-dying!

here is brittany:
this picture is blurry because it was so humid that when we went outside my camera lens fogged and took a minute or two to adjust!

and here is netta:

and here is priya

and here is kayla:

and here:

and here is blair:

and here i am. very serious, and trying (for the 4th time) to get on a raft that, i could swear, was buttered:

after our pool time, it was ice cream cake time:
(okay, maybe it was ice cream cake time both before and after pool time)

and finally, we got to the main event, the tie-dying!
lots of colorful pictures to follow:






and the skin-stained aftermath…