food. friends. bubbles.

we had such a nice memorial day welcoming kayla to LA!

she is here to visit for at least a couple weeks!! so that means many more meals to come, but this was the first of the lot. i picked kayla up from the airport at 5:30 and we had a nice dinner at home and a rousing game of taboo (oh, you want to know who won? well that was me & blair. thanks for asking).


round one: the food
first, michael made his famous bruschetta.

DinneratHome 050eDinneratHome 055e DinneratHome 060e DinneratHome 073

my main contribution was the homemade pasta with lemon butter sauce and burrata.
DinneratHome 104e
DinneratHome 107e DinneratHome 115e
DinneratHome 123e DinneratHome 130eDinneratHome 128e

DinneratHome 132e

and for dessert we made a batch of caramel-pear ice cream
DinneratHome 063e DinneratHome 089e
DinneratHome 093e
DinneratHome 124e DinneratHome 127e

there was also grilled (by michael) sirloin, which we don’t have photo evidence of, and a salad which was halfway eaten before it had its picture taken.
DinneratHome 133e


round two: the friends
this is miss kayla:

DinneratHome 141e
DinneratHome 145e
DinneratHome 147e

and here is lady blair:
DinneratHome 138e
DinneratHome 158e
DinneratHome 162e

and of course meeka was there too.
– oh, there’s the photo evidence of the meat!
meeka is planning her best bet at getting said steak despite her 15″ stature and lack of opposable thumbs.
DinneratHome 150e
DinneratHome 151e
DinneratHome 152e

(kinley and i were also present, but weren’t feeling very photogenic, i suppose)


round three: bubbles

really no explination.
but michael and blair were clearly the bubble-champs.
DinneratHome 165e
DinneratHome 166e
DinneratHome 173e
DinneratHome 176e DinneratHome 182e
DinneratHome 203e
DinneratHome 216e

…and lastly, bubbles gone bad:
DinneratHome 219e

DinneratHome 220e DinneratHome 221e


have i ever told you i love the libraries? i have?
oh, well, have i ever told you i LOVE the los angeles central library?
yeah… i’ve probably done that too.
but i know i’ve never shown you why!

this is the my library, which happens to be only two blocks from my office, and which i happen to spend 4+ hours a week. i love this library. love it. it’s huge, it’s old, it’s beautiful, it’s bustling (even though most of those doing the bustling are homeless), and it has a great gift shop where i spend too much money. love it.

the front of the library:
DowntownLA 098e

DowntownLA 013e

the inside of the original part of the library:
DowntownLA 072e

DowntownLA 034e
isn’t it beautiful?

and there are banks of old card catalogs:
DowntownLA 047e

and an auditorium (that i have never been in)
DowntownLA 089e

and there are galleries (maybe 3 or 4) tucked in different crannies around the library
(i had this one completely to myself on this day):
DowntownLA 062e DowntownLA 064bw

here is the adult literacy center where i tutor twice a week:
DowntownLA 028e2

and here is the new (well, not new, just newer) wing of the library, which has the bulk of the books. this is a the atrium in the center, and all of those windows you see on either side are looking into each of the individual departments
(ie: the arts, the sciences, business, rare books, etc, etc, etc. – books-galore):

DowntownLA 086e

so that’s it. that’s your tour of the library. i just know that everyone loves libraries, right?
i’m sure everyone is sooo excited and wishes i had tons more pictures.

…maybe next time.

DowntownLA 020e